Knowledge is a power that civilizations have spent centuries trying to master. What drives us to explore the world and ponder our own existence? If observations can be processed logically or creatively, and the human brain has evolved two distinctive hemispheres to carry out such tasks, why not take advantage of both and harness the power?

What's with the apple, you ask? Well, you're just going to have to find out. Welcome to a page dedicated to what I believe is my best artwork to date. Good thing though, because it took long enough to make. I've tried to design this page to be as user friendly as possible, so look before you click and you should be all set. To experience the whole effect of the page, you should try to visit everything, but I'd go straight to the illustrations if I were you...hint-hint...CLICK BELOW.


This site includes a detailed summary of what this whole page is all about. It contains an interesting discussion and explanation of what I have depicted art and science to be in this concentration. Its mostly text though, but for those of you that are looking for concept, drop by and see what I have to say.
The Sweet Sixteen
If you're really anxious to see all sixteen of my illustrations, or have already been here and are looking for any one in particular, then come to this site. I have set up a neatly organized table of small thumbnails for easy viewing. You can also jump onto the tour from here as well.

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bobcomic Bob's Comics
In case you haven't already swung by my archive of comics and cartoons, this is where the fun is at. I started drawing comics when I was younger, which is why the style still flows through my illustrations. Anyway, Blake and Dustin are waiting for you to drop by and read about their wacky adventures, so don't waste anytime. Click here now!!

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