The strip formally known as The Comic finally has its own name and individual website featured at Bob's Comics. I am currently redesigning its previous home at The Comic to become a summary of all my comics and what they are about, including character profiles and other interesting tidbits. I just added a new addition featuring the New Cast I'm working on.

The Bottomless Closet is a lengthy comic strip that took me nearly 2 years to complete. It features my characters Blake and Dustin in an action-packed adventure with a mysterious closet in Blake's bedroom. I don't want to give away too much of the story, and most of my faithful fans have already had a chance to read through the first ten or so pages. I started the comic in August of 1997, and didn't finish it until June of 1999. This is mainly because I knew it would be long to begin with, and the only time I ever got myself pumped to work on it was during my summer breaks. During 1998, I introduced the first 7 pages of the Second Installment, and I recently wrapped up the Final Five to make it 22 pages total. It was my first attempt at a strip featuring Blake since Lunch Break of 1995, so it took me some time to get my characters back in the comic scene. The first ten pages of the original The Comic are featured below. If you've already visited it before, then you might as well jump ahead to the Second Installment and the newly scanned Final Five. But, now that its complete in its entirety, you should really put your life on hold and read through the entire thing at once.

If you'd like to read a little more of my input on the comic strip, since I have been working on it for 2 years and it can be read on a few levels, come visit The Bottomless Closet: In depth to read what I have to say about my work. Otherwise...continue on to the comic!

The Bottomless Closet


After two years of postponement, The Comic or The Bottomless Closet is back to life, and the Second Installment is finally complete. I call it the Second Installment, because it is an addition, a suppliment if you will, to the first ten pages. Not a sequel, more like Book 2...or something. My style has progressed dramatically over the entire series as you will obviously see. I even notice a huge difference between the Final Five as well. Also, I've become more free with my frame design and layout, designing each individual page for its individual purpose, which was one of my intentions in establishing the last 12 pages as the Second Installment--purely on its change in appereance. Also, Becca--Blake's little sister--makes her first debut in this portion of The Bottomless Closet. As a token to its completion, I re-scanned the entire comic and beefed up its magnification to make it easier to read. The download time may be longer, but I think its worth it, because the text very important to the establishment of a powerful narrative.

The last few pages, called the Final Five, are finally up and scanned. If you wish to jump right to page 18, click here to skip ahead. But it's strongly suggested that you read at least the Second Installment, if not the entire comic strip. Thanks.

The Bottomless Closet: Second Installment