The idea for this comic parallels the routes of the original Lunch Break in many ways. First, it wasn't completely spawned from the goo in my head--instead, inspired by peers and friends. Adam, the new pudgy character featured in I Wanna Rematch is a direct caricature (both physical appearance and personality) of a friend I made at Washington University...name and all. In fact, even the title of the strip is a direct quote from Adam, that resonated throughout Rubelmann dorm many a late night from across the hallway. Consequently, I have dedicated this 13-page strip completely to Adam Rosenstock, whether he likes it or not...Oh, and Adam, thanks for a great year and the inspiration for a terribly distraught character like yourself.

I tried to make the strip flow as smoothly as possible, openning by linking Adam's strong views of the perfect pizza pie to Blake's mishap in the cafeteria in Lunch Break. A good segway, I thought, and a good way for Blake to get to know Adam. It takes sudden turn, when Blake decides hang with Adam on a Friday afternoon instead of his best friend Dustin. Some of the subtle humor is enhanced if you know Adam firsthand, especially the "mozzarella stick" punchline---completely an inside joke, but I tried to work in the humor so that you don't necessarily need to know Adam to get a good laugh. And of course, he's been given a twist of the Blake look, otherwise he'd have squinty eyes and scrubby patches of facial hair (ha ha). On to the video games, Blake finds out that he's not so bad after all, and whoops Adam at every game he puts in. Without giving much more away, Adam begins to get hostile, Blake gets a little weary, and eventually finds his way off the sofa and out of the video game asylum that is Adam's home. I think it's a good read, and the drawings and expressions are my best yet, so I hope you enjoy the strip, and Adam, the newest addition to the comic family.

I Wanna Rematch