Mark the date on your calendars bob-onliners...September 28th, 1999. The first day Blake ever appeared in a periodical publication outside of highschool. The birth of a new era for Blake, Dustin, and the new cast of characters. Student Life is the bi-weekly newspaper at the college I attend, Washington University in St. Louis. After reworking the strip a bit over the summer of 99, and resubmitting my ideas to the editors, I've scored a bi-weelky slot. The paper comes out on Tuesdays and Fridays, and for those of you who don't have the advantage of being on campus, I've made the effort to archive the building collection here at Bob's Comics. The "daily" or most recent strip will always appear at the Bob's Comics homepage on that day of the week. So, you can stop by twice a week if you'd like, or just come straight to the archive.

I've finally cleaned up the format of this page, with all comics as of 4/28/00 scanned in and listed with a little summary. Because the links are direct to the image files, you may want to have your browser set to a default white background-- Internet Explorer users need not worry. The next batch of comics should arrive by early September, so if you've read them all, check by around then for more, or e-mail me to get added to the mailing list. You may also notice the date on the comic is different from what appears on this main archive. I have sorted them by date published, which tends to vary by a couple weeks. The comics tend to follow a sequence as well. Write me if you have any comments, my e-mail is on the bottom of the site.

BLAKE: at Student Life-- [41] comics from 9/28/99 through 4/28/00

[9/28/99] The dreaded first day of school
[10/01/99] Sitting next to the new girl
[10/05/99] Scheming with Rudiger
[10/08/99] A military affair of sorts
[10/12/99] First formal encounter with Abbey
[10/22/99] Blake gives a cordial introduction
[10/26/99] Abbey's animal-friendly diet
[10/29/99] Someone's got a beef with meat
[11/02/99] Set up with a brussels sprout
[11/05/99] Martial law at the swingset
[11/09/99] Let bygones be bygones
[11/12/99] A pair of specs and the ladies
[11/16/99] Marty with a sugar hangover
[11/19/99] A cup of kool-aid in the morning
[12/03/99] A couple of party animals
[12/07/99] Blake's big chance with Venessa
[1/21/00] So, Blake...tell me about yourself
[1/25/00] Going overboard on the punch
[1/28/00] I like a man with a funny face
[2/01/00] He's a smoothe dancing machine
[2/04/00] Tag! You're it!
[2/07/00] I'll call you...
[2/11/00] In with the ladies?
[2/15/00] A good ole saturday morning
[2/18/00] Bad news on a school day...what?
[2/22/00] Becca's shoe-mitten dilemma
[2/25/00] Hot pink girly earmuffs
[2/29/00] Rendez-vous at the bus stop
[3/17/00] Fashionable attack from above
[3/21/00] Becca meets Abbey
[3/24/00] Chicks dig little sisters
[3/28/00] A sibling tug-of-war
[4/01/00] April Fool's Day comic
[4/04/00] Becca doesn't want to cooperate
[4/07/00] Girl trouble for Blake, as usual
[4/11/00] Becca...ambushed!
[4/14/00] Interrogation and negotiations
[4/18/00] Field operations
[4/21/00] A few loose strings in the capture
[4/25/00] Becca makes her get-away!
[4/28/00] Trouble with the principal