This section of text is mostly for fellow artists or people who have some form of interest in my methods. The majority of these illustrations are done in a colored pencil medium, with the exception of my two separate paintings on Art and Science. Most people cannot believe that I can create the realism and roundness that I do with colored pencils, but I do. Of course, I have invested in a quite extensive set of color and quality, but my success is in my application. I'm completely self taught with colored pencils, and I am now just learning how to paint, but color has always come naturally to me. I mix it with pen and ink and have created my own personalized style and mixed medium, though I'm begining to back away from the ink in more formal works.

I worked somewhat large in this concentration, because I had a lot of details to work in to my illustrations. The majority are 14"x17", and the rest are larger. That is why I spent nearly four restless months creating this concentration. The colored pencil medium is very time consuming, because you are working with such a fine tip and can only work on small areas at a time. I build up my drawings with layer upon layer of shade and color. The cool colors come first and then I gradually apply warmer tones such as yellow and red. I also work in two separate brands. My Rembrants have a higher pigment ratio whereas my Spectracolors contain more of a wax content. By combining the two, I am almost able to completely eliminate the sketchy look attributed to colored pencil. After years of experimenting with them, they are my favorite tools to work with, although I do recognize their limits. To be a true illustrator, I'm going to need to pick up watercolor sometime soon, but for now I am happy having colored pencils at my side.