This page is a new feature to the Cartoon Archives. In Computer Graphics at Washington University, we were assigned to make two designs for a calendar layout. Obviously, I gave my assignment a twist of Blake, and picked January and October as my two months. I picked the month of January so I could recreate a Blake and Dustin classic that hangs proud in my bedroom. I'd like to get it scanned one of these days, but its pretty big. So, you can see both calendar designs below. If you click on the image, it brings you to a larger file of the picture that helps to show some of the detailed coloring work I did on Adobe Photoshop. And for those of you who can't tell, I chose to do October because my birthday is on the 22nd. If you look carefully, you can see where I put "Bob's Birthday" on the calendar--or you can click on the special link listed below, to see the day of a week. I've also included some of the individual images from the October month, without the clutter of the composited design.

january october

Blake Halloween A spooky line-up...Blake as Dracula, Becca as a she-devil, and Dustin as Frankenstein's monster
Halloween in Orange and Blue The same picture, with a shift in the color hues
Pile o'leaves Blake going full sprint into a pile of neatly raked leaves
The Joys of Autumn The end result...leaves everywhere
Bob's Birthday Its not everyday you get to see your own birthday already written in