Welcome to the Cartoon Archives. This is just a compiled collection of some scanned images that I've taken from my doodle and sketch books--some dating back 5 years now. If you like my comics, you should check out some of my other cartoons besides Blake and Dustin. Check out the tour feature to make it easier to browse through my drawings because the collection is getting a little larger. Take the tour route, or if you'd rather go straight to the archive index then click on that link. The Cartoon Archives are updated semi-regularly.--Last Update 6/18/00

Monster in My Closet Large and in-charge, here's a mondo doodle!

(doodles added as of 6/18/00)
Bad Baby Something's cookin in this baby's noggin
Birdo A weird bird, put two and two together
Book Boy Give this kid a try back and forth to classes
Fork Boy This kid is really in tune with his pet fork
Germane A furry critter, hip to the latest doggy style
Lecturer Be sure not to yet this little guy boss you around
Ponderer Take some time and think about your life and other conspiracies
Trackguy Stretching, tying? The world will never know...
Wide Open Or open-wide, whichever you prefer on this given day

(doodles added as of 6/6/99)
Business Guy Stressed out little critter in the work force
Demon Ghoul One mean demon
Happy Little Guy This guy could brighten any rainy day
Jogging-suit Creature Maybe he's trying to explain why he went off course
Who's in Control? The TV starts changing your channels (in color)
Scots Logo The mascot logo I did for my school, Bonny Eagle High School


Winter Reflections
(left over from January Calendar)
Snowball fight Blake craves revenge
Becca flurry Just a little inked sketch of Beccas in her snow outfit
Dustin's warm Close-up of Dustin in his scarf

October Inked Drawings
Halloween Scene Blake, Becca, Dustin are all ready for trick-or-treating
Running the extra mile Blake running for the leave pile
Mess of Leaves Blake reaches his destination

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Santa Blake Blake's thinking about donating to a needy cause.
Christmas Creature What happened to Jolly old Saint Nick?
**A Blake ClassicBlake and Dustin "college-oriented"

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