Archive Tours

Blake and Dustin
You've probably seen enough of Blake and Dustin, but if you're dying to catch some more drawings of the two, take a trip through some of my more detailed and larger sketches of the two.

Weird Creations
Sometimes when I sit down to draw, I just want to let loose my pen and sketch whatever my imagination can conjure up. The drawings are nothing like Blake and Dustin, but you should notice my style in these strange creatures.

Animal Sketches
Come check out my distorted version of the animal kingdom. This tour takes a look at some deranged furry critters as well as some odd pets and animals. Nothing that comes off the tip of my pen ever ends up "normal."

Colored Cartoons and Drawings
This tour just takes you through some color images. Even though I'm fond of pen and ink, one of my other strengths is with colored pencils. Be sure to check out the daycare in a space bubble.