Blake 1995

This was the public's first glances at Blake. Notice how I've actually scanned the orginal newspaper to give it the full effect. This came out just before Lunch Break, so its even a further look back into the beginnings of Blake as we know it. There were other comics to follow, but Blake had a hard start, because I had just retired an older character, Clyde, that I had for almost 3 years as well.

Blake 1996

Later that same school year I released this comic just before summer break. Unfortunately, this would be the last strip to be seen in the newspaper for a good year. I was having problems generating ideas, and for the rest of 96 the most of early 97, Blake took a year off, as I sorted out my difficulties. He lived on through birthday cards that I made for friends and family, but that was it for awhile.

My senior year, Blake regained his full potential as I released portions of The Bottomless Closet and Tree-Climbing Insurance into the paper and advertised my website. The newspaper department was very friendly with my artwork, because I began illustrating articles as well. Blake's true birthplace has been online, but this coming year in college, I plan to take the world by storm by publishing my work in the college newspaper.