As some of you may already know, this portion of my website used to be dedicated to specifically what was known as The Comic or The Bottomless Closet, which can now be found at The Bottomless Closet. I have redesigned its former location for a better purpose, to really explain what "the comic" itself is all about. Some of the site may look familiar...I still have the character profiles, for example. I scanned in some of my oldest Blake sketches, some dating back to the summer of 95, before Lunch Break. Take the tour through memory lane if you wish, to get the full feel of what Blake and Dustin are all about. Also, I've just added a new feature--the soon to be new cast that will become part of the Blake family.

The New Cast of Characters
This is some of the latest stuff I've been cooking up but still in production. I just officially debuted Adam, but many other characters are soon to arrive in the comic as of this fall if I can get my comic published in the school paper. These new characters have a college twist to them, with the innocence of a 9-year-old mind. Come see the big plans for the future.
Calamity on the Comics Page
This is an essay that I've recently written on the current state of the comics page. Most of it references ideas put forth by Bill Waterson in 1989. I discuss the downfalls of syndication and newspaper cutbacks, resulting in the deterioration of a great American art form.


The Characters
This is just a quick summary of the main characters of the comic strip, including Blake, Dustin, and now Becca. It just gives me a chance to digress on my cartoon creations and what they're all about. It also includes a small paragraph detailing the way I came up with the names of my characters.

Special Appearances and Debuts
These are some rare never before seen comic strips and sketches of Blake and Dustin, including school newspaper debuts.

The Photo Album
This is as old as it gets. From the first drawing of Blake to other doodles, this shows you how Blake was created and how much he's changed over the last 3 years. I think its amazing to see how much he's changed over the past few years. The picture to the right is pretty recent, a sketch I did around September 1998. Compare it to what you're about to see.