Welcome to The Comic Zone. Unlike the Cartoon Archives, this portion of my site to completely devoted to comic strips. This summer I've been on mass production, trying to draw as many comics as I can. You'll notice that the Comic Collection is getting a little bigger, and you should definitely check out I Wanna Rematch, my latest comic strip. Keep dropping by, because other scanned comics will be added regularly.

Snowmen and Sneak-Attacks
The latest and greatest 16-pager!!! Fresh off the press for the new millennium, it features a new cast of minor characters and most importantly Private Rudiger. It is without a doubt the best comic I have done to date, taking a military spin on the tactics of snow warfare. The story is a great read, and the pictures are fantastic. Come and check it out!

I Wanna Rematch
This is a recent 13 page comic stripand features a new character named Adam. It rewards those of you who have taken the time to read all my other even references Lunch Break. I consider it the best drawn comic too date, and the storyline is pure "Blake" as well. Come see Adam and Blake battle it out at video games.

Project Bookworm
This is a recent 6-page comic strip. Blake thinks he can round up an army of super-intelligent bookworms to do his homework for him. Dustin would rather go fishing. Its short and sweet compared to my latest venture, but its about a year older if you'd like to compare.

Tree-Climbing Insurance
Blake wants to climb a tree, but Dustin insists on how important it is to make sure all the legal "mumbo jumbo" is all taken care of. It may sound odd, but its meant to satirize insurance policies, sueing, liability charges, and all that fun stuff through the eyes of a child. Its Blake and Dustin at their best, so come check it out!

Lunch BreakThough the drawings are kinda out of date, this 7-page comic features the beginnings of Blake and Dustin, involving an interesting episode during their lunch period at school.

The Comic Collection

Abbey's silent debut Blake eyes the new girl in the class.
Private Rudiger Blake gets the dirt on Abbey from Private Rudiger.

April showers Blake struggles to get his umbrella open, with an ironic twist.
Lifting books Blake proves that homework may be more brawn than brain.
A Good Read Even hardback books make good pillows.
Paper doesn't grow on trees Blake wants to "borrow" a piece of paper from Dustin.
Awake break Blake and Dustin ponder the meaning of sleep.
Gravity smarts Blake tries to explain the mysteries of gravity to Dustin.
Blake TV Blake gets an idea to set up his own TV Network.
Take out the trash Blake has a little trouble whenever he takes out the the trash.

If you haven't checked out The Comic then what are you waiting for?