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A special message to visitors of Bob's Comics

I've taken some time to simplify the design of this landing page, but I've decided to retain the entirety of this website as I last left it in 2001. It remains an archive of cartoons and comics from my high school and college years, and prominently features BlakeI comic strip I created from 1995-2001. I hope you enjoy your visit.


bobcomic czone
An archive of Blake comic strips, mostly longer format.
Includes the very first Blake comic, "Lunch Break."

Cartoon and sketchbook drawings, including some more pictures of Blake and Dustin--Last Update 6/18/00.

Published Comics

To the right you'll find an archive all the Blake comics that were published in my college papers at Washington University in St. Louis.

Student Life: An archive of the 40+ comic strips from 1999-2000.

Cadenza: Blake's final home in the entertaiment zine at my college. It is a serial comic (a one-pager per week) that features Blake in a more surreal storyline.

closet The Bottomless Closet
This is a special comic I created in several installments, totaling 22 pages. Come see what happens to Blake, Dustin, Becca, and Blipp when the I.C.P. come to town.

thecomicThe Comic
Here you'll find a little background and history about Blake. I wrote it when I was creating the comic, so it's not a true retrospective. But it should be informative. Like everything on this site, I've preserved it in it's original state. You can also read an essay I wrote in college, Calamity on the Comics Page, where I discuss the downfalls of syndication and newspaper cutbacks, resulting in the deterioration of a great American art form.

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